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Flight Training

Learn to Fly

If you are looking for a flight school, or flight training in the Fort Collins / Loveland area, then your search is at an end. Our flight school is here to help you get to the next step on your path to flying. The best way to get started in aviation is to phone or email us to schedule your Introductory Flight. $94.95

Introductory Flying Lesson

This flight will take about 25-30, starting with a preflight inspection. The instructor will help you take off, then allow you to take control of the airplane for a scenic flight around the Fort Collins / Loveland area, guided by you! During the post flight brief, we can discuss how to make your dreams of flying fit into your budget and time. The Introductory Flying Lesson costs $94.95

Flight Training Overview

Learning to Fly
  1. Schedule an Intro Flight
  2. Buy the home study kit
    (available at Leading Edge)
  3. Study!
  4. Schedule flight lessons (generally in 2 hour blocks)
  5. Get FAA Class 3 Medical (FAA Approved Physical)
  6. Log flight hours (minumum of 40 is required)
  7. Study for the written exam
  8. Work with instructor towards your solo flight ( ussually bettween 15 -20 hours)
  9. Solo when ready
  10. Fufill minumum FAA requirements
  11. Take the practical exam (from an FAA designated examiner)

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(quick rundown for each rating)

  • Attain other certifications
  • Become a commercial pilot
  • Become an instructor

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Runway 33 Fort-Love
In the pattern, final approach, full stop, Fort-Love

Class Requirements

In the course of your flight training, you will need at least 40 hours of training, to include:
  • Local flights
    Local flights include take-off and landing at the Fort Collins-Loveland airport.
  • Solo flights
    When you are ready, you will fly the aircraft without the instructor on board, locally and on cross country flights. (min 10 hrs)
  • Cross country flights
    Flying cross-country includes take-off from Fort Collins-Loveland airport with landing at other airports in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska or other areas. (min 10 hrs)
  • Night time flying
    Night time flights will take place at Fort Collins-Loveland airport after sunset.(min 3 hrs)
  • Navigate controlled airspace
    Learn to fly your plane in FAA controlled airspaces and learn the rules for the conrolled areas.
  • Navigate uncontrolled airspace
    Learn to fly your plane and be responsible for your own flight space.
  • Emergency procedures
    You will learn how to handle emergencies and more importantly, how to prevent emergencies.
  • Manuevers
    Control your airplane and learn manuevers such as touch-and-go, stall, steep turns and more.