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Flight Training

Gift Certificates

These gift certificates make wonderful presents, at an affordable rate.

Introductory Flying Lesson
This basic introductory flight lesson will take about 45 min total, starting with a pre-flight inspection. The instructor will take off and allow you to take control of the airplane for a demonstration of flight training in the Loveland area (approximate filght time of 10min). During the post flight brief, we can discuss how to make your dreams of flying fit into your budget and time. The Introductory Flying Lesson costs $94.95

Gift Certificate

We can make a gift certificate for any amount of flight time, you can then pay by phone and have the certificate mailed to you or come in and pick one up.
  • 30min Scenic flight
    is a half hour scenic flight around the Fort Collins/Loveland area, led by you! All for $149.00
  • 1 hour Scenic Flight
    this hour long scenic flight can include some flight into mountainous terain for $249.00
  • For aspiring pilots
    For aspiring pilots or current students we can make a certificate for any combination of flight time, instruction, and course materials

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