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Flight Training

Flight Instruction and Pilot Training

Learn to fly in your plane or ours!
Leading Edge Aviation is dedicated to giving you the very best flight instruction in northern Colorado, while keeping the cost of training to a minimum.

Our superior instruction combined with reasonable rental rates, save you money by taking less time to complete ratings. It is our hope that we can fulfill your flying dreams, and have fun doing it.

Affordable Flight Instruction
We do everything in our power not to overcharge for the aircraft rentals. We appreciate the current economic situation, and therefore have made a concerted effort, to make sure that our aircraft pricing fit into your budget. These two basic premises mean that you pay less over time.

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  • Private pilot certificate
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial rating
  • Instructor rating
  • Biennial flight reviews
  • Instrument proficiency checks
  • Mountain training and orientation
Flight Certifications Flight Certifications