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What services Does Leading Edge flight school offer?
Leading Edge is a flight school in Fort Collins / Loveland. We offer flight training, from private to instructor ratings, in our aircraft, or to those who own theirs. the flight school is able to provide training in high performance, tailwheel, multi-engine, and rotorcraft. We also provide rental aircraft, at a reasonable rate, to pilots already certified.

Can I just try a flight before I commit to the lessons?
Yes, that is the purpose of our introductory flight lessons. It allows you to take a short flight lesson, where you can use the controls and experience what flying around the Fort Collins Loveland area is really like. Schedule a flight today!

What services Does Leading Edge flight school offer
Leading Edge is a flight school in Fort Collins / Loveland. We offer flight training, of all types and rental air raft to pilots already certified.

I wear glasses, does that mean I can't fly?
Glasses are not a problem, you will be required to have them with you depending on the severity of your need

I have my own plane, can you teach me to fly it?
Yes, we offer instructors who have flown just about everything, and will be able to teach you in your own plane.

I belong to a club that has a (twin-engine, tail dragger, etc.) plane, can you certify me?
That may depend on your club's insurance, but it is very likely that we can.

How long (weeks, months) does it take to get certified?
From first flight, to private pilot depends a lot on how often you fly, along with other factors. But it takes between three to nine months.

If 40 hours logged flight time is the minimum, how many hours is the actual for a new pilot?
Our instructors average about 48 hours, to complete most people's training.

If the weather is bad, do I get another plane rental, lesson time, etc. back?

Do I really have to stall the airplane?
Yes, you will have to stall the airplane! But in truth we work very hard at making this a pleasant and often fun exercise. Read more about the requirements.

I get dizzy doing spins, is that a problem for training?
No, spins are not required for a private pilots license.

I just had a physical from my regular doctor', can I just bring the paperwork for my certification?
Unfourtunatly no, the flight physical must be perfomed by an FAA approved physician.

Do you have gift certificates available?
Yes just call or email us. We can do introductory flights, or lessons.

Do you have larger planes for rent, or access to others?
We have a very diverse set of aircraft from diamond DA-20 to a DA-42 Diamond Twinstar. These aircraft are priced well, and fun to fly, check them out on the Our Aircraft Tab above.

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