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"Dash" Wilmot

Dash is a Senior Instructor Pilot at Leading Edge Flight Training
David “Dash” Wilmot: Dash Wilmot has 30 years of experience in the United States Military. After graduating from the University of Arizona, he attended USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona where he trained in the T-37 and T-38. Upon graduation he was selected to return to Williams Air Force Base as a T-37 Instructor Pilot. Dash’s next assignment was at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas where he was an Instructor pilot Instructor for the T-37. Dash garnered 1300 hours in the T-37 before being sent to F-16 transition training. Upon F-16 graduation he was assigned to the 496th Tactical Fighter Squadron in Hahn Air Base, Germany. Following the Germany assignment Dash returned to Luke Air Force Base Arizona where he was an F-16 Instructor Pilot and the F-16 West Coast Demo Pilot. His final flying job was flying F-16s in Misawa Japan; where he commanded the 13th Fight Squadron and was the Deputy Commander of the 35th Operations Group. Dash has over 2200 hours in the F-16 with over 130 combat hours. He has over 3500 total hours with over 2000 as an Instructor pilot. He also served on several staffs and Commanded a Support Group in Incirlik Air Base Turkey. Dash Primarily works with students workiing towards advanced ratings as well as running our discounted military "IFS, CAP, ROTC, Young Eagles" flight training program.

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  • ATP
  • CFII
  • MEII
  • 30 years of military aviation experience