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Grumman AA1B Super Yankee
The Grumman AA1B Super Yankee is a great aircraft for flight training because of its ease of operation, agility, cost effectiveness, and sheer exhilaration that keeps you coming back!.

N6269L is powered by a Lycoming 0-320 160HP Engine. This stunning 1973 model Grumman Super Yankee richly deserves the cliched label of "sports car of the air." In the tradition of the post-war British sports cars, it is small, simple, quick handling, idiosyncratic and tremendous fun for the stout of heart. There's hardly a better airplane for zooming around clouds in mock dogfights, indulging one's fighter pilot fantasies. For all its stunning aerial agility, however, the AA-lB is not approved for aerobatics. This aircraft is a proven trainer, and ideal for introducing you into aircraft such as the Cirrus SR-20, VANS RV tricycle models, Glassair's and various other sensitive low wing aircraft. Leading Edge is bringing this stunning aircraft to you at a very affordable price.


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  • 160 HP Engine